Remember the Price Paid

I haven’t met an American yet who was alive on 9-11 who doesn’t remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard and saw what happened in NY, DC and Pennsylvania.
Beit Lid junction is Israel’s 9-11. Any Israeli who was alive on that day will remember exactly where they were and what they were doing as well. Before walls were built around certain cities, three Islamic Jihadists left their homes set on blowing themselves up. Two of them did just that at this junction, the intersection of two major roads leading to four parts of the country.
At this junction, Israeli soldiers and civilians gather to return to their bases and jobs after a good weekend at home. Twenty-two Israelis died at this location: twenty-one soldiers and one civilian, twenty-one Jews and one Druze, twenty men and two women. All paid the price for freedom with their lives; thus, all on this monument’s ladder pictured here look the same.
This monument is a reminder of the price that was paid so others could experience freedom. As we remember the past price paid for freedom, it gives us the opportunity to move forward in the present.
It is the same for believers in Jesus. We must remember that Jesus paid the ultimate price for our freedom – His life. It is through His blood that we have been, are becoming and will be made perfect.
Remember this truth the next time you want to waste time beating yourself up when you sin or take your drug of choice. Jesus already paid the price for your freedom to live in the presence of joy, His, in the present.
His blood brought you forgiveness. His life gives you day to day freedom from those drugs of choice. So instead of beating yourself up, praise Him for what He has already done for you and thank Him for allowing you to be at peace with Him right now.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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