Slow Down

One last report from Israel. This one is about what the Lord taught me while I was here.
What you see pictured are the actual steps Jesus walked upon when He entered the Temple courts through the Hulda gates on the southern end of the Temple Mount. I can say I walked where Jesus’ feet actually touched!
These steps are cut out of the stones. And, if you notice, this stairway alternates between a narrow a step and a wider one. The purpose was to slow people down as they came into the Temple. This slower pace was to enable them to prepare their hearts and minds to worship the King of Kings – The God of the universe.
This is what the Lord was showing me. “Chris, slow down.” He spoke clearly through someone who said, “I get too busy that I can’t hear from Jesus.” This resonated so much with me. Actually, before I left for Israel, I told my wife that I was having a hard time slowing down. I was exhaling a lot, like I was out of breath.
Are you just like me, too busy to hear from Jesus? You can’t love Him without doing it! He said those who love Me will listen and follow/obey Me. Let’s pray for each other to slow down the pace of our lives – the stuff that occupies our minds – to hear from our God and King so we can better worship Him – become more like Him.

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