An Active Walk

There is a track of land by my house that’s been completely graded and ready for homes to be built. They’ve even put water channels on the hillsides for water to be routed away from the property.
Problem, the property is sitting there gathering weeds. And with the recent rains, these water channels have been filled with two feet of dirt! The next rain will bring serious erosion to these housing pads.
What a picture of our walks with Jesus. We are told to keep in step with the Spirit and to follow Jesus. You’re taking an active part in this journey. If you don’t, you can become like that vacant property – full of weeds and in danger of evil making huge inroads into your life.
Active means being in and with the Word, Jesus. Let Him speak truth into your brain. Active means asking the Spirit for the faith and strength to choose to put those truths into action. Active means filtering out the lies to keep the water channels, your protective shield of faith, operating.
Be active today. Your life depends on it, now and tomorrow.

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