A Smile on God’s Face

There are no menial tasks, only those done with or without God’s involvement.
After God made Adam, He paraded the animals in front of Adam to see what Adam would name them. The word “see” carries a meaning to watch with enjoyment. Think about it. The Creator, the Ultimate Expressionist Artist, was getting a kick out of watching Adam’s own creative juices flow.
The passage never says God took off after bringing the animals to Adam. I believe He was standing right there watching the entire creative process take place. Therefore, each day is filled with tasks that can either be done with or without God’s involvement.
This gives meaning to every task we do throughout our day, even eating and drinking! (Check out 1 Cor. 10:31 in case you doubt.) We often think only the big things count. Nope, every little thing does as well.
Let God get a kick out of your day. Do what He’s asking you to do, from making a meal to drawing up the million dollar contract, with and for Him. I guarantee you’ll put a smile on His face.

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