Life Life not Conquer It

Life is meant to be lived, not conquered.
God gave Adam the job of naming the animals (see 5-31 entry). Could Adam fail? Only by not trying. God didn’t say, “Give Me a list of names and I’ll change them if I don’t like them.” No, all Adam had to do to be a success was to start coming up with names.
Keep in mind that only God, Adam, and the animals existed at this time. Adam was obedient and then God tells us in Genesis 3:20 why Adam was given this job – to bring out Adam’s need for a helpmate. He didn’t know about a mate until he saw that God had given animals them.
You don’t miss what you don’t know you’re missing. So now Adam had a choice. Play it safe by doing what he already knew how to do, which was caring for the garden; or, he could love his God through obediently naming the animals.
True living is not about getting things done, but doing what Jesus asked you to do with Him. You can play it safe and keep your routine, but miss out on what God wants to show and do for and in you. Adam wouldn’t have known about God’s plan for Eve if he played it safe.
You don’t know what God has for you around the corner until you do what He’s telling you to do right now. Has Jesus been asking you to do something that you’re hesitant to start doing? Know that only something good is around the corner when you take Spirit empowered faith steps to follow Jesus.

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