Go with What When Why Unknown

Don’t wonder why something didn’t happen, just go forward now.
There are times where it will appear that God is silent as to the why of what He’s told you to do. It’s a parent’s prerogative. He doesn’t have to tell us why as we may not understand it even if He did. The question is, “Will we trust Him to know what He’s doing even when we don’t?”
Know this, though. His ways, at times, are too magnificent for us to grasp. Thus, we may never know the why of something happening to us or what we’ve been asked to do. Without being crass, so what? We show our love for Jesus and the Father by going forward with what He’s told us to do, regardless of whether we ever know the why.
Our Father is perfect and is in total and complete love with us. Trust and go forward even if you don’t understand the whys.

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