Weed Wars…Not What You Think

What we think is important today, is more often than not, unimportant tomorrow.
I once saw a sign on a piece of property where a weed grew so high you couldn’t read what was on the sign. The owner needs to take out that giant weed if they ever want people to see whatever was on their sign.
This is a great illustration of the parable of the seed and the thorny soil. Jesus was planted in it, but the cares of everyday living, the lust for things other than Jesus and the pursuit of money beyond meeting needs choked the life out of the person. Weed thoughts choke out the fruit of peace, security, joy and love; all the while, blocking people from seeing Jesus.
It’s like the picture above where the weeds are overtaking the flowers! Let the Spirit pull out those weed thoughts by staying focused on the truths Jesus gives you each day in His Word. They will keep you in perfect peace and let the Prince of Peace shine brightly through you.

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