Standing with Jesus

Life is not about being right, but about becoming like Jesus.
Is your faith strong enough to take a stand for loving Jesus, even if it might cost your job? In over 2/3’s of the world’s countries, Christians are the number one group on the persecution hit list. This wave has hit US shores and could come to a location near you sooner than you realize.
The only way we can take a stand for Jesus when life is tough is to practice taking a stand when it’s easier. It’s our daily choices today that build our faith muscles for tomorrow. It’s our small decisions to listen and follow Jesus that not only brings peace right now, but it will keep us in peace, though not necessarily safety, later as well.
Jesus said in Matthew 5:10-12 that a blessing, a sense of peace and joy comes from being persecuted for Him. It’s a persecution not based on being right, but for being like Jesus. And what should we expect for ourselves if Jesus was persecuted for being Jesus?
Keep practicing the FREEdom process. Yes, you might fall; but don’t give up! Do what Jesus recently told me, “Keep following Me and getting up.” (see Psalm 107) As you become like Jesus, you will take a stand with Jesus because He’s already standing.

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