Trust God to Act Consistently

God will always act consistent with His Word.
The following quote struck a deep chord within me. “I sometimes wonder how hard it’s been for God not to act in history. How must it feel to see the glories of creation—the rain forests, the whales, the elephants—obliterated one by one? How must it feel to see the Jews themselves nearly annihilated?”
While shedding tears from both compassion and anger, God holds back from stomping perpetrators out, if only for the reason His love gives them another chance to turn back to Him.
Then I thought, “How must it feel when He sees me make less than stellar choices that He knows will only hurt me and those around me?” His so slow reaction time should lead to two responses.
One, we should give praise to God for His tremendous love and be thankful for the truth that He’ll always react consistently with His Word. And two, we should give grace and mercy to those whose bad choices affect us. Let’s give them the same room God give us to turn back to Him.

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