Actions Speak Louder Than Words

You show who you love by whom you listen and follow.
“The sheep of Mine the voice of Me listen I know them and follow Me” is the literal translation of John 10:27. The word order is quite revealing.
First of all it reveals who belongs to Jesus. Those who both listen to and follow Him are His sheep. Stated another way, those who listen to every other voice under the sun, including their own, rather than His, are not His sheep. Actions speak louder than words – are you listening to Him?
And then it shows why you’d want to listen to Him. He knows you intimately, inside and out. He’s aware of your existence and gets you. He knows what you’re thinking, feeling and experiencing. He also knows the future! Therefore, when He speaks, He knows what’s best and can guide you through life’s situations the best as He is the best.
As a Jesus sheep, you will practice listening to Him in His Word as well as in your heart/head. (Ya know, He lives inside you. Right?) As a Jesus sheep, you will practice putting what He says into your daily action steps. As you do both, your life will be changed for the better, even though your circumstances may not.
The Word Christian means follower of Christ. Right now, the world sure needs to see followers of Christ, true Jesus sheep, listening to and following Him. He’s worth following, as well, as He really does know you better than you know yourself.

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