Worship Through Distractions

Life has its gnats!
I was worshiping my God the other day when the Lord had me stop and sit on a shaded bench. It was a rather warm day where I had begun to perspire. So, I gladly accepted His invitation to continue worshiping while sitting down.
Those tiny water molecules on my skin, however, attracted lots and lots of large gnats and flies! As I was swatting them away, trying to stay focused on listening to the Lord, I heard Him say, “Leave them alone! Can’t you listen and follow Me despite those little distractions?”
“Lord, yes they are little, but they are a big annoyance! The buzzing, the crawling are very distracting.” Then I remembered how often I’ve heard Christians say, “I have to have good music in order to worship God; therefore, I’m heading to the church down the street because their worship is awesome.”
Here’s something to think about. Life is full of gnats and flies buzzing around and landing on us. Yes, worship can include music, but worship is any act of obedience to the Lord even one of sitting on a shaded bench full of gnats.
Jesus was worshiping His Father on the cross…despite the distraction of pain (and probably plenty of flies too!). He took care of His mother. He forgave the soldiers. He saved a criminal. And He fulfilled Scripture all the while responding how the Father wanted through acts of worship.
Life is full of distractions that want to draw our attention away from responding to the Lord. I could choose to focus on Jesus or the gnats. That was my choice at that moment as it is with every moment: I can choose to focus on His voice and follow Him or the distractions. It’s your choice too.

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