Loves Takes Us Home

No one can take us out, as only God can take us home.
I wish reality were different, but it isn’t. The truth is that Jesus promises us a safe landing, never a smooth ride. Challenges await around every corner, but no one can take us out! Only God can take us home. He is the way to peace in the midst of turbulence.
I can’t imagine Daniel ever expected to be taken prisoner to Babylon, let alone facing two separate death sentences. Twice, someone wanted him dead. And twice, instead of instilling fear in Daniel, these situations brought him peace. Daniel sought the Lord and both times the Lord delivered him. Only God could take him home.
We will face many twists and turns in this life. Be secure, not shaken. No one can take your peace from you as long as you keep rejoicing in the Lord; remembering that He is with you; and then, seeking His solution in the midst of them. (See Phil. 4:4-7).
It’s like the picture states: life takes us to unexpected places, but love brings us home. His love.

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