Good Question

How’s that working for you?
As I’ve been reading through the book of Kings, the Lord brought back to mind a phrase He gave me years ago, “How’s that working for you?”
The Northern Kingdom went through king after king with the same result, disaster. Even after God worked a miracle through Elijah to prove that He and not Baal was God, the people still chose to follow the loser, Baal.
You can’t argue someone into the kingdom nor can you convince someone they need to change. Only the Spirit can do it. And, He’ll use life to do it too.
Out of love for His children, the Father allow life’s challenges to get our attention in order to see our need for change. We can learn the easy way by simply listening and following Jesus the first time or the hard way by hitting the same old stone wall.
Are you tired of being sick and tired or angry? If so, it’s time to ask, “How is what I’m doing actually working for me?” If what you’re currently doing keeps resulting in less than Jesus based results, it’s time to make different choices.
Israel didn’t, but we can. I am, will you?

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