Lift Him Up

Another name for idolatry is God in a box – yours!
God told Manoah, Sampson’s dad, that His name was “beyond understanding” (Judges 13:18). Manoah wanted a God he could wrap his head around.
This kind of thinking, however, is idolatry. The LORD told Jeremiah that Israel followed worthless idols and became worthless. Why? Idols are man-made, which lowers God to man’s level, in essence making man God.
There will be times you will not understand who God is or how He works. My friends, this is a good thing!
Avoid the temptation to wrap your head around who God is before you act on what He says to do. Instead, through love, do what He says to do on faith. Then and only then will you experience the power who can change your life – His.
Be okay with the fact that you will not always understand who God is. This is what makes Him God and not you, which is indeed good and comforting news.

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