Get it Out!

Get it out so healing can come in.
Our enemy loves it when we hide. He encourages us to keep our challenges to ourselves. He does this through the lies, “No one will understand.” Or, “If they knew the real you, they would reject you.” And when we believe that lie, he buries us in guilt and shame.
Do you know how much energy is expended in keeping a secret a secret? It wears you down; thus, leaving you with little energy to do anything else but keep that secret hidden.
Yet, Scripture tells us to get it out! In fact, Philippians 4:6-7 reveals that as we talk with our Father about those hurts done to us or the hurts we have caused, His peace will take over the job of protecting our hearts and minds.
Furthermore, James 5:16 states that as we talk about anything and everything with at least one trustworthy person, their prayers can bring about our healing or wholeness.
Our hearts need protecting. Talking about our“stuff” with the Father and a loved brother or sister in Christ can go a long ways to experiencing the peace and security you long for in life. As someone else guards your heart, you can experience energy you never thought existed.

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