See What You’re Staring At

“What is truth?” – Pilate
In a recent episode of a favorite TV show, the main law enforcement officer says, “Truth is truth. It doesn’t depend on circumstances. If not, then I can’t do my job. Either someone is guilty of breaking the law or they are not.”
The author, a retired administrator from a California university not known for allowing certain viewpoints a fair hearing, wrote that we are presuming people guilty before any facts come to the surface. Her point was that we all should feel uneasy with this kind of mentality. We could easily become its target.
Jesus, not me, said that He is the Truth. Only He could set people free from all the destructive side effects of their sinful choices. He also said that as you trust Him, rather than your feelings, you can experience life, not only for eternity, but in the here and now as well.
Jesus followers are going to have to make tough choices in the days ahead. If we want to have the life Jesus promised, we must not become like Pilate who couldn’t recognize the truth when He was literally staring Pilate in the face.
Keep practicing the Word of God with each choice you make today when it’s easy. As you do, you’ll be ready when it’s hard.

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