In God We Trust, Really?

Seeing life through Jesus’ lens, not yours.
It today’s western Christian culture, there seem to be many who are questioning the validity of Scripture. The reason for this is that there are passages that seem to go against what some feel are not valid for today’s living.
Which scriptural injunctions are for today’s world? And more importantly, who gets to decide? Picking and choosing based on one’s point of view, rather than God’s, is always a slippery slope. If you need examples of this, simply read the book of Judges; and, look at Israel’s history that led to her being removed from the Land…twice.
If we believe the words in the Book are from God; then we have to dive deeper when passages “seem” wrong to “us” to get at what God is trying to explain to us.
Do we really believe Jesus knows what’s best for us? And isn’t the entire point of faith to trust what He says to do or not do, even when it doesn’t make sense or feel right to us, because it’s for our good and His glory when we do?
I’ll bet it seemed pretty crazy to Noah to hear God say build a boat, something he’d never done before, and, to Abraham to go to place where he would only the get the directions to until after he left his home and friends behind.
Everyone on this planet lives by faith. The question is, in whom?

One thought on “In God We Trust, Really?

  1. There is a person that has 2 two hour lectures on why the bible does not say Homosexuality is wrong and that this term is never used in the bible. I shake my head with my mouth gaping open, as believers are willing to invest such time, and be swayed. When scripture clearly says flesh based decisions to go after same gender. Do they disagree that this defines homosexuality? I’m still upset with all this because I watched some of these kids wrestle through things as they grew up. I know 3 families who have kids choosing same gender. I ache and yet I know one in particular is well studied theology in seminary and psychology (must have sided with that) and still made the decision to choose same gender shutting me out with, “your not in the life so you don’t understand”. Correct I’m in the Way, the Truth and the Life. I cannot validate such behavior. This one clearly is aware of what she is doing, and will be responsible to Lord God. Yet I know a pastor who marched with homosexuals in a gay rights march and claims to be their pastor. Which would be fine if they chose not to act on their flesh desires to follow Christ. She also lost her father who called on Christ during his death bed but lived a practicing homosexual life. We can look for support in scripture for any favored sin. The Word of God is clear regardless of how much effort we may exercise to change its meaning. But it will not work. Its not okay to plan, commit to and provide for regular actions God calls sin. He is Truth. The lies cannot eternally prevail via misinterpretation in order to self appease before death and/or His return. Please forgive any negative tension in my expression of concern, Renea

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