Time for a Fresh Start

Dying to self brings life.
A long-time friend wrote, “As you run from God, while you believe that you are getting away with something, you are being given leave to do as you please. The longer and farther you run, your imagination will be allowed to keep expressing itself till you have deceived yourself from acknowledging the presence and reality of the Creator. Turn back.”
Running from God has a name, The Jonah Syndrome. Jonah heard God’s voice and literally started running from God to the point he had to die (swallowed by a big fish) and then be resurrected (spit out by same fish) to turn around.
If you’re running from Jesus, don’t you think it’s time to stop in order to experience all that living in God’s presence brings? The Alpha and Omega and the Author and Finisher of your faith is the only One who can bring you what you think running from Him will achieve – peace and purpose.
Jesus’ death made us right with the Father to give us peace. Jesus’ death took away all condemnation while we walk with Him in pursuit of our God-given purpose. And, Jesus’ life keeps us experiencing both on a daily basis.
Jesus offers you a fresh start each and every moment of the day. I encourage you to take Him up on His offer right now. It’s much more pleasant than being thrown overboard to get your attention.

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