Time to Trust

You’re in good hands!
Jesus tells us to listen to and follow Him. This takes trust as there will be many times when what He’s asking us to do feels wrong and/or cuts against the grain of our current thinking. Yet, increasing trust is the mark of a healthy Jesus disciple.
What I find most interesting about Jesus’ statement, though, is the context in which it is made. He goes onto to say that He gives us eternal life and security by being firmly in the grasp of two sets of hands – His and the Father’s. Another way of putting this is that we’re putting our very hearts into the hands of God.
Now, we’ve all learned from living on this planet that this can be a scary thing. There have been times when we’ve given our hearts to someone or something where we’ve been hurt. Our trust has been broken and/or abused. The reality of this world is that we’ll never escape this life without having our hearts broken a time or two.
Yet, there are two Persons who’ve never hurt us and deserve our trust – Jesus and the Father. In fact, as we learn to trust them, we’ll realize that our very personhood, let alone our heart, is protected by them. And for this to happen we must let our self-made walls come down or trust.
It’s time to realize Jesus already has your heart in His hands anyway. It’s time to trust that the Father has your best interest in mind when He asks you to go down a certain path.
Therefore, it’s time to take a step of trust in what you know they have been saying to you. Today is that time to trust.

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