Too Many to Count

Walking across the beach on one of the many motus of French Polynesia was a kick. Grains of fine white sand would stick to our feet, eventually washing off in the aqua colored water. I never once thought to count those tiny individual grains. Quite frankly, I wanted to keep snorkeling!
Yet, David said that if he were to count those grains and all those on the beach, God’s thoughts toward him would vastly outnumber them.
He went on to say, “When I awake, I am still with You.” God was thinking about David while he was sawing logs and couldn’t possibly be thinking about God.
Think about this for a moment. What hurts and even destroys relationships? Neglect. Our Father doesn’t neglect His relationships. He thinks about each and every one of His children constantly, even when they can’t or won’t think about Him.
We spend more time thinking about ourselves than we should. Yet, even with all the time we do spend on ourselves – our needs, our wants, our desires, etc. – we still don’t know ourselves like our God knows us.
Therefore, don’t you think He’s much better equipped to make your life better than yourself? Of course He is.
Yet this requires a loving choice on our part to follow Him even if what He says goes against what we think and/or feel. It’s time to ask the Spirit for the faith and strength to enact that faith with your next choice.
It’s high time that you do. His thoughts outnumber yours gazillions to one.

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