Time to Listen

You have two ears and one mouth.
This picture is of the desert that the children of Israel came through on their first attempt at entering the Promised Land.
The Book of Numbers in the Hebrew Bible is called “in the wilderness,” taken from the first word of the book itself. Yet the word for wilderness comes from the Hebrew word to speak.
This is quite insightful. God was taking the Israelites into the desert, where the distractions would be few and the situations would abound for them to trust Him.
Would the Israelites get the hang of listening to and following Him, despite what their eyes saw? We see from their words and actions that they didn’t. This had dire consequences for them and their children.
Are you learning to listen to Jesus in the midst of your desert experience(s)? Jesus said His sheep would do just that despite what they saw and felt.
Your God is breaking into your everyday world to get you to trust Him. And it all starts with closing your mouth and listening.
Make this prayer of mine, yours as well, “Give me more love for You, more faith in You, and more strength from You to make more choices to follow You despite what I see and feel.

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