Be Honest with Yourself

God is infinitely bigger than you.
These are the canyon walls of Ein Avdat, a nature reserve in southern Israel. At the end of this meandering canyon is a pool of water where a majestic waterfall plunges into it.
It was when I stopped for a minute to look up at these massive walls, however, that an overwhelming sense of God’s awesomeness overcame me.
I really am unable to put into words about how small I felt. I guess it would be like a fly on the nose of a rhinosarous. You’re there, but no one can see you because you’re just too small.
The Bible tell us in Philippians 2:3-8, and I’m paraphrasing, to do a gut check. You’re standing like a fly in front of this massive canyon called God. You’re just not as big as you think you are.
And Jesus as a man, though He was God, lived every minute in complete connection with and surrender to a tremendously huge God, even at the cost of His own life.
Stop and take a minute to look outside your tiny frame of reference and look up at the infinite vastness of God. Then ask yourself, “Who do I talk to more throughout my day – myself or God?”
There is time to be in connection with God, who is infinitely bigger than you, and that time is now

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