Careful To Whom You Listen

“The crowd is most often wrong.”
Pictured is the Desert of Paran. This is where Moses sent out the 12 tour guides. Yes, you read that correctly. The Hebrew word is not a spy, but a tour guide. They were to take a tour of the land; and then, come back and tell the people what they saw.
I recently did this after coming back from Israel. I told some people about the great time I had while in the Land. And guess what? Some of them are planning to come to Israel next year, despite what they heard in the US media.
This did not happen with the 12. Ten came back and told stories that discouraged the people from going into the Land. They left a sour taste in the people’s mouth about who their God was and what He could do.
Yet, two came back and told stories of how the land was already theirs’ because of their God’s promises and power.
You know who the people listened too.
Be careful where you get your information. The majority is not always right! Those who don’t push you towards trusting Jesus, rather than your eyes, are not from the Spirit.
Loving Jesus will never be easy this side of home. What we see and feel will be greatly discouraging at times.
Learn to listen to those who will encourage you to love Jesus even more through trusting Him, especially when life’s hard. This is the Spirit talking. He will always tell you the truth that keeps you free.

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