Sometimes Less is More

You become what you focus on; and, what you focus on only gets bigger.
Jesus is the First and the Last. This truth goes along with what Jesus has been showing me: slow down, so I can experience more of Him.
I’ve been training hard for a program in which I sense the Lord wants me to take part. Yet, at almost every turn, I’ve been injuring myself.
After talking with a physical therapist, I’ve learned that by exercising less, I will in fact be able to do more. By alternating hard days with slow days, I will greatly reduce my injuries and still reach my target goals. It’s working.
This same principle works for our walks with Jesus.
Sometimes we believe that we have to do more for Jesus. But in reality, Jesus has already done it all. He is the first, meaning He’s at the head of the line. There is no one who’s done, doing or will do more than Him. In fact, He said on the cross, “It is finished!” He is the author and the finisher of our faith, not us.
But, you might ask, “What happens when I slow down?” Jesus is there too, as He is the Last.
You know that Jesus is always with you, no matter what you’re doing. But do you believe or practice it? You can’t do more to get more of Jesus. You can’t do less and have less of Jesus.
You have all of Jesus, right now! He doesn’t need you to do anything for Him, but everything He’s asked you to do with Him.
If we focus on doing more, we can get so distracted that we can’t hear His voice and follow where He’d have us go to experience what He wants us to know about Him.
He is the First and the Last. Practice listening to and then following Him. And sometimes this will mean doing less, which will actually mean doing more with a whole lot less injuries to yourself and others!

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