It’s Worth It

The destination is worth the process getting there.
Our hiking Go-Group (Matt. 28:18-20, doing what we like to do with those who don’t know Jesus…yet!) went to the mountains above Malibu, CA. There were parts of this trail that my wife and I had never taken before.
We were told that at one point in a certain loop there would be majestic views of the Pacific Ocean both to the south and to the north of us.
The map showed this view existed. People who’d taken this trail before said this view existed. But did it? We’ve never been there before. How’d we know?
We couldn’t, but we kept walking, even as the trail took us through high brush and spider webs. It led us over a stream with slippery rocks…twice. It looped through recovering fired burned areas. And, crawled up and down for an elevation gain of over 1100 feet.
Was it worth it? YES! The overwhelmingly awesome view existed and was worth every step when we took it all in.
The ultimate map, the Bible, says it’s worth walking with Jesus today. Others who’ve walked the same path as you, say the view is worth it.
Keep going, no matter how hard each step might be. It’s worth it. Keep walking, no matter when the cobwebs of doubt cross your mind. The view will be magnificent. Keep moving forward, no matter the number of bends or ups and downs your everyday path might have. Your breath will be taken away. This is a living Jesus faith.
Be encouraged. Loving and become like Jesus are worth every step we take now and forever!

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