Timely Directions

When we need it, not always when we want it.
My wife and I took a wonderful hike to an awesome waterfall this past weekend.
The trail for the first 2.5 of the 4 miles up to the falls was not always easy. Nonetheless, the trail was easy to follow. We had all the directions we need to enjoy the hike.
Then all of a sudden, the trail literally turned into boulders that had to be climbed over, down and around. As we couldn’t see what lay ahead, we had a hard time knowing where to go next…until they showed up.
The “they” in this case were arrows painted on various rocks pointing us to the next step. It was uncanny how the next arrow always appeared right when we needed it, though, not always when we wanted it.
Our Jesus walks will be smooth at times. While at others, because we live in a fallen world, it will require slowing down to climb over life’s boulders.
As we slow down, Jesus, in an uncanny manner, will always give us the next step, often just before we need to take it.
We’d like more advanced noticed, but that is not faith. Faith means sticking to the direction He’s already given us until He gives us where our next steps should be.
Therefore, resist getting in a hurry! If you do, your anxiety levels along with your blood pressure will rise quite rapidly.
Instead focus on the truths that will keep your BP low: His promise to always be with and to guide you one step at a time, right on time…His.

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