Not for Wimps

It takes courage and strength to pray, especially when you don’t why!
Here are just a few things that took place on the day my friend left this planet.
One, all his pain and suffering from that deteriorating body was over. Two, he left that shell behind while his true self/person/soul is with Jesus. Three, all sorrow from a broken life with its bad choices is eternally gone. Why? Four, when he saw Jesus, he became just like Jesus, sinless.
Five, though not the last, his eyes were truly open for the first time…ever. He is now seeing spiritual warfare as it really is.
Daniel 10 shows that at this very moment war is going on in heaven between angels loyal to God and those who are not. We discover from Revelation 12 that Satan stands day and night in front of Jesus’ heavenly throne accusing us for all our faults.
Didn’t expect that one did you? This warfare goes on unabated until Satan and his followers are thrown into the Lake of Fire, and God creates a new heaven and a new earth – a place without warfare.
At this very moment, my friend can’t ever lose another fight. But you and I certainly can!
This explains why the Spirit tells believers to “be alert and to always keep on praying for all the saints” right after describing how to win the earthly spiritual battles we all face (Ephesians 6:10-18).
Ever wonder why prayer is described as a wrestling match (Col. 4:12)? Now you do! Prayer is not for wimps!
We MUST be ready to enter the heavenly battle on behalf of each other. Be strong, courageous and ready to pray for each other’s victorious choices!

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