Not for Wimps 2

It takes gutsy faith to walk with Jesus.
The Lord told the Israelites when they entered the Promised Land they would have both rest and warfare.
Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? As you look deeper, though, you’ll find another reason to trust Jesus and His word. He talks truth about the reality of life: they could be at rest in the midst of war.
Joshua took out the major players when he brought the Israelites into the Land. He left only mop up operations to each tribe. The Lord did this to teach each generation how to be at rest while fighting.
He knew Satan would not relent in his fight to build his kingdom at His people’s expense. They would need a gutsy faith, not a wimpy one, to stay at rest while at war.
He knew that if His people chose to walk with Him, they would defeat their enemies. Their minds, souls and hearts could be at rest because victory was assured.
They had plenty of examples in their history too. King David had peace in the midst of war because he walked with God. Solomon, on the other hand, who didn’t experience war until later, ended up in idolatry!
Galatians 5:1 reveals that Jesus has taken out the major players for us and has set us free!
It’s mop up operations time. And if we to choose to ask the Spirit for a gutsy faith in Jesus, we’ll walk in peace while facing life’s battles.

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