A Fitful Rest

Rest means fighting with peace of mind.
God “saved” the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. He did it all by Himself. Yet, entering and staying in the Land would be much, much different.
Joshua didn’t bring the Israelites into a land of perpetual siesta. They wouldn’t just kick back and eat bonbons all day between breathtaking sunrises and eye-popping sunsets! No, the Israelites would have to fight.
Yet, God told them to enter His rest as they did. This rest was more about their mindset than it was their physical bodies.
Rest meant peace of mind. Why be nervous going into or while fighting with a shield in one hand and a sword or spear in the other? Victory was already assured despite the literal arrows flying by their heads.
Jesus assures each one of us that we are victorious no matter who the giants that we’re facing are.
Have a fitful rest, my friends. Keep fighting with the weapons of truth and the power the Spirit gives to wield those truths knowing that you’ve already won!

2 thoughts on “A Fitful Rest

  1. Isn’t our resting in Christ to be persistent and abiding? “Fitful” seems the opposite of what we can experience as his disciples.

    but maybe I misunderstand your intent here?

  2. I can see your question. Yes peace is to be persistent and abiding. It’s a 24/7 experience, even in the midst life’s battles, which can also be persistent. So fitful was just a less than stellar word choice. Fitful was meant to portray the battle in which we can experience the peace of God.

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