Shared Journey

You can walk further in a group.
I faced a huge challenge this weekend. I appeared to have hurt my knee. There was no pain, but soreness and a lot of clicking.
It was the type of injury that could knock me out of the program God put me it. And, I’d only been in it a week! I know He wants me here. But, if the knee didn’t get better, I’d be gone.
Being transparent, I was a little worried and a lot fearful. I’d let people know at this program that I was a chaplain. How would it look if all of a sudden I was gone? I struggled all weekend long, until I finally had enough.
I texted fellow believers who are sharing this life journey of loving and becoming like Jesus with me. I asked them to pray for a miracle by way of a complete healing or at least to take the clicking away. I knew Jesus wanted me here. Therefore, He had to do something.
A friend of mine likes to say, “When someone lays something at the feet of Jesus, we should be there helping.” I gave it to Jesus and whole lot of people were there praying for me to keep it there!
I like to say, “We come to faith individually, but we walk together.” We cannot love or become like Jesus on our own. As Scripture says, “Encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” Folks, the you is plural.
This walk with Jesus is not a solo act, but a shared one. Who are you being transparent with? I’m so glad I have fellow sojourners in my life. I ran 3.3 miles without pain or clicking because they were at Jesus’ feet with me!
Oh yeah, please keep the encouragement and prayers coming!

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