Believe Who You Are

It’s true. Believe it!
Pictured is believed to be the mountain where Satan wanted to see whether or not Jesus knew who He was; and then, would He act consistently with that understanding.
Matthew used a word for “tempted” in 4:1 that means to test a metal, say gold, to see whether or not it really was gold and then what percentage within it was gold.
Twice Satan said, “If you are the Son of God” (4:3,6). Jesus was being tested. Are you God (gold)? And, if so prove it (100% or something less).
In both cases, Jesus never directly answered the “if” question. He knew who He was and didn’t need to prove it by either making bread appear or jumping off a cliff.
Jesus was comfortable in the skin God gave Him and was secure in who He was, the Son of God. And because of this, He walked in victory.
A day of testing is coming! And you will pass it through knowing and believing who you are, a secure child of God, with nothing to prove and no one to please, except the Father, which is exactly what Jesus did by following the Spirit.

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