Grace Realized

Be thankful for you’ve been given.
This is a partially excavated section of the Siloam pool. It is where the blind man, who received Jesus’ spit made mud, went to receive his sight.
As Israel doesn’t own the property to the left, only some of the steps leading to the pool and none of the pool itself have been unearthed.
Notice, though, the pomegranate tree growing from the non-excavated side. In its season, new fruit will be cultivated.
Despite the dirt in our lives, He brings forth fruit. He doesn’t have to, but He does. Grace realized.
He sees the pool, the masterpiece of Jesus’ image, underneath the non-excavated side of our lives. He is waiting patiently to excavate more dirt until we surrender. This too is grace realized.
He knows where you have been. Thank Him for His grace. He has changed your life, which gives you hope for today and tomorrow. Thank Him for His grace. And thank Him for His willingness to wait on you to surrender. He doesn’t have to, but does, which is grace realized.
We deserve or are owed nothing. The fact we get to experience His love through grace…well, it should cause us to be extremely thankful.

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