Focus on the One Who Sees Behind the Curtain

“It’s in our darkest hour that we must focus each minute on the Light.”
In the movie, The Wizard of Oz, the main characters were standing before a big screen being frightened by what they saw, smelled, heard and felt.
Little did they know, a little man was standing behind a curtain pulling levers and pushing buttons to make it all happen. In other words, the information they got through their senses, which caused them to fear, was man made.
If only they could have seen behind that curtain!
During our current world challenge, we’re being inundated with information. How do you not let it negatively affect you?
Listen to, stay focused on and follow Jesus, the One who sees behind the curtain of tomorrow.
He’s the One who said that if we practice what He taught we’d be kept from anxiety, worry, stress, fear – some of the possible negative side effects of not staying focused on Him.
During times like today, we are to rejoice in the One who can see behind the curtain.
We are to rejoice in the fact that if we focus and act on the truths Jesus gives us, He promises that we will experience a mind blowing peace.
Our faith in Jesus, not a religious dogma, is being tested.
Who will you listen to – those you can see and hear or the One who sees behind the curtain?
Research shows that we are social animals. And, in times of uncertainty, will look to other people for cues about what to do, and then follow them, even if what they do is crazy.
What if Jesus believers choose to follow the One who sees behind the curtain? Not only will we experience the peace we’re longing for, but people around us will also see how Jesus works in real life situations like social distancing and self-quarantining.
I pray that others will see Jesus in you and me, and then ask, “How can you be so calm? Where do you get your peace from?”
And our answer will naturally be, “I’m glad you asked. Let me share how Jesus helped me!”
Let your faith grow in the One who can see behind the curtain of tomorrow to guide you into peace today. He is the light that shines brightly at any given moment so that you can be set you free from the dark clouds of life.
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