Pick a Side

By not choosing Jesus, you have chosen which side you’re on.
Habakkuk 2:4 states the “righteous will live by faith.” Biblical theologians love to use this verse to show that salvation has always been by faith and not works – no matter what side of the book you read.
This is truth! But they also forget to share the context of this verse.
God was ready to use the Babylonians to destroy many nations, including Israel. Why? The people Habakkuk lived among were violent and getting away with doing wrong. He writes in 1:4, “The Law is paralyzed and justice never prevails. The wicked hem in the righteous so that justice is perverted.”
It was during these times of injustice that people were called to pick a side. Some were puffed up and didn’t want to do the right thing while the righteous were encouraged to continue to live by faith.
In the midst of unjust and chaotic times, those who follow the Lord are told to live by faith rather than by their drugs of choice.
When I wrote More Than a Sunday Faith, those who claimed to be Jesus followers took up only 9-10% of those sitting in the pews on a given Sunday. I recently heard, but couldn’t verify, the number has risen to 17%. Either percentage is too low!
Biblical faith is seen, not just said. It acts upon what Jesus told them to do. Thus, if all those who say they love Jesus, obeyed Him, can you imagine the impact we could make in the midst of an unjust world?
Want to fix the injustices in America or the country in which you live? Choose to live by faith no matter what the world around you looks like.
Don’t get caught in the emotions, the logical arguments or the politics. Live by faith, an action step, in Jesus! One person can make a difference. But, you must choose a side.

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