Time to Toughen Up

To not fight is to lose.
“I’ve been bombed!”
I noticed a small glob of bird “droppings” on my sweatshirt as my chair was directly under a bare hanging branch that was directly across from a birdhouse (pictured).
For the past few days, I’ve been watching a mom and pop duo feed their young’uns inside their house. It’s been fascinating to watch as one enters while another leaves to scrounge up some grub.
Yet, before they enter the nest, they take a number of fly-by circles to see if the coast is clear. One day it was not as we saw them repeatedly dive bomb an “intruder” who wanted their babies. It was warfare, baby, pure and simple.
Make love, not war! This slogan from the ‘60’s doesn’t fit the reality in which we live – neither in nature nor in the life of the Jesus follower (2 Cor. 10:4).
If we want to become more like Jesus (1 Pet. 1:17), we must learn the art of war (Eph. 6) to defeat our old programming (the flesh) and our adversary.
We know the final outcome of this war. Satan is gone forever and we become just like Jesus (Phil. 1:6). Until then, it’s war.
It’s time for Western believers in Christ to toughen up. We live between two worlds where there is war. Why should this surprise us?
Victory is ours…if we choose to fight. The world around us needs to see love in action, which means fighting back.
It’s time to grow a stiff backbone in Christ! To do anything else is to lose this fight.

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