Cleanup Crew

It’s a man-made problem that man cannot solve.
It all started in the garden with Adam and Eve. They messed up big time. Where did they turn? Themselves. End result? They created an even bigger mess.
The Scriptures are full of such examples. When we choose to solve life our way, we leave messes behind – some bigger than others. And, when we try to cleanup those messes our way, we only make a messy situation messier.
Why? Because we are still handling the situation our way all over again, just differently!
The sooner we turn to Jesus, who is the Way to handle life because He is Life, for answers, the sooner the messes can be turned into fertilizer for rose bushes. End result? Beautiful aromatic roses.
Search the Scriptures, not social media. Seek Jesus, not the experts. Stink or sweetness, it’s your choice.

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