The Hardest Simplicity

The conscience can go off at the most inopportune time!
There are times in the Scriptures when we walk with God; and at other times, we run with Him.
Both imply one thing. We’re making progress toward becoming like Jesus; even if, at times, it’s at a slower pace.
What impedes this progress? What we allow to roll around in our heads. If we fall down, which means no forward movement, it is because we chose not to do what He said to do. And then, a wonderful thing happens, our conscience starts pinging like crazy!
Wonderful? Yup. This pinging is God’s way of getting our attention to come to Him, ask His forgiveness; and then, grab His hand up to begin walking or running with Him again. It’s that simple.
We make it hard by ignoring the pinging. We do this, more than likely, because we feel like we don’t have the right to get up so quickly.
You’re right. You don’t. Yet, Jesus made it possible based on what He already did.
The hardest (because we don’t deserve it) simplicity (He made it easy to get up), then is making progress to quickly turn back to Him once you fall rather stay down in your drug of choice.
Yes, the conscience can go off at any time. In Christ, however, you have the ability to turn it off…quickly…through turning back to Jesus.

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