Embrace Change

I went on a walk today and change broke out.
Wow, a lot can happen in a month and a change in my prayer walk direction.
A tiny one room home, a single-wide trailer and an entire row of chicken coops have been replaced with a storage lot. The cattle roping training center is gone and been replaced with weeds. And now this pictured section of road, which was once dirt, is now paved. The barking dogs are still present, though!
As I was walking, Jesus brought to mind a story He told about storms. The point of the story was they bring change. And some are quite messy!
Rain turns dry soil into mud, which can be tracked everywhere. Winds scatter leaves all over the yard that now have to be raked up, which takes time away from doing fun activities.
In the midst of this change, Jesus says the person who uses them to be changed themselves (hears and applies His words) will be left standing tall and strong.
It doesn’t matter whether or not we like change or agree with what is causing it. We have a choice. We can either embrace and use it to become more like Jesus or fight against it and stay who we are.
Just as walking on a paved road is easier on the ankles, so will a changed life through lovingly obeying Jesus make living life easier. So, choose to embrace change.

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