The Silent Bell

Focus on the moment. God already has the next one.
I was reading why some of the most physically and mentally equipped US Navy Seal recruits ring the bell, a signal that they quit.
One of the reasons was that they failed to stay in the moment. They didn’t take it one movement of each exercise at a time. They started thinking about all the pain they would have to endure…down the road.
If only they had stayed focused on the task at hand. Then, once that task was over, then and only then, should they focus on the next one. The one who finishes, captures the moment rather than endures it.
Jesus’ words rang out as I read this. Roughly paraphrased, “Focus on now. Let tomorrow’s troubles wait.”
By staying with Him in the moment, we can make the right choice to follow Him in that moment.
And, He’s got all our moments, well into eternity, in His hands. But, He’s only asking us to focus on loving Him in this moment.
With all the confusing, controversial and sometimes conflicting information being thrown at you, stay focused on what you control – your choice in the moment. Let tomorrow’s choices wait until tomorrow.
Choose to do what Jesus says to do in this moment; and, the bell remains silent.

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