Shaken not Stirred

“There is a difference between believing in God and trusting in God.” Terry Norton
What would you do if you saw your son lying face down on a football field unable to move? What would you trust God for knowing that your son would only have a 3% chance of ever moving anything below his collarbone again?
Those were the thoughts running through Terry Norton’s mind the day he was told by doctors that his son, Chris, would never walk anywhere again, let alone walk down the aisle with his bride, Emily, on their wedding day (pictured).
Terry thought his faith was pretty strong, but his faith hadn’t really been tested like this before.
He said, “When things were at their darkest, I sat there with my eyes closed and thought about every wasted night, every wasted minute I had spent worrying about things that didn’t matter. Stress at work, drama with friends or a youth sport, you name it, I thought, what a waste. When you finally face a real “challenge” you realize how much time we spend worrying about insignificant things.”
Terry’s faith had been stirred from time to time, but never shaken to the point where he had to trust in someone bigger than himself.
Biblical faith is not stated. It’s seen. Believing things about God are not the same as doing what He says to do because you trust Him. Knowing about God and knowing Him from experience are two completely different things.
Do you merely believe Jesus? Or, are you trusting Him? Your choices in the present, not your words, will reveal whether your faith can withstand a good shaking in the future.
Take a page from God’s playbook for Ken. Move on to trust. You’re going to need it in the coming days.

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