Choose Significance over Success

Success is not the same as significance.
The latest estimate of those currently living on Earth is 7.8 billion. Now, how many of them have you heard about? Not many, right?
Did you know there once lived a woman who saved an entire race of people from annihilation, but her name is never recorded in human history?
She came to this position through circumstances we all would deem ghastly. Her life and future were under the total control of men. And yet, she made a choice that would enrich the futures of billions.
Her name, in English, was Esther or Hadassah, in Hebrew. She was a queen of the Medo-Persian Empire, but her name is only recorded in Scripture.
As so few know of her outside those pages, some might not consider her very successful. Yet, she was extremely significant.
She chose to use her position to save an entire nation, who would eventually return to Israel; and, give birth to the Savior of those living on the planet for generations to come.
Some are “successful” and are known by millions, if not billions; but are not that significant. Choose to be significant. Do what Jesus tells you to do regardless of who ever knows about your choices.
A little unknown drop of water on a dried out leaf will be immensely significant to a person dying of thirst.

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