Time Lived

Too much time spent on yesterday can lead to regrets; too much time spent on tomorrow can lead to worry, so spend much time today on rejoicing, which can lead to peace.
I stopped counting how many people who’ve said, “I can’t wait for this Covid thing to be over.”

That’s just another way of saying, “I can’t wait until tomorrow comes.” How do you know tomorrow will come? We are not guaranteed the next minute, let alone tomorrow.
Life is lived in the moment with Jesus. We are to never stop talking with Him. We are told to continually thank Him. Isn’t this what “to rejoice in the Lord always” means?
Length of life on this planet is not guaranteed. Eternal life, which is lived out in a succession of moments, is because Jesus is and gives that life right now.
Time spent on what Jesus did in the past leads to rejoicing in the present and peace about tomorrow. He is in control, even when it doesn’t “look” like it.
Focus on Jesus, the solver of life’s events. As you do, you can be the witness He asks you to be to those who are focused on the events of rather than on life itself.

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