What Throne are You Sittin’ on?

Where you sit determines your perspective.
The Scriptures tell of a throne in heaven that the LORD sits on forever, where He rules over the nations (Ps. 9:7; 11:4; 47:8).
In heaven means there is no throne or power above His, despite what you see, feel or think.
Forever means no angel or human can ever kick Him off that throne, despite what you see, feel or think.
The nations, peoples and politicians, are accountable to Him, despite what they think, say or do. Isaiah talks about this very thing. Nations judged for how they treated Israel.
This is the perspective from where God sits.
And, did you know that you’re sitting where He sits and should have that same perspective, which brings peace despite what you see, feel or think?
The moment you put your faith in Jesus and what He did for you, not you for Him, then the Father raised you up and seated you in Jesus’ lap on this throne in heaven (Eph. 2:6)!
Therefore, His perspective should be your perspective: the Father is working behind the scenes to accomplish His purposes (know the end of the Book!), regardless of what the peoples and politicians of the nations think, say or do.
What throne are you sitting on? It will determine what you see and how you’ll react in world that might seem to be going a little crazy according to your perspective.

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