Focused Forward

Yesterday is over. Today is now.
My mom took my brother and me to see the Dodgers play when we were little. We’d sit either in the outfield seats or the nosebleed section behind home plate. We didn’t care. We were at the game.
I still vividly remember one game in particular. It was the day I broke my front tooth. As we exited the stadium doors, I heard the crowd roar. I turned my head to see what was happening while still walking toward our car.
You can guess what happened. When I turned around, I walked into one of those concrete parking bollards and chipped my tooth. Oh, it sure felt good once it stopped hurting!
Looking backwards while traveling forwards is hazardous to one’s health physically and spiritually.
I recently wasted most of a morning looking backward. I was focusing on something I couldn’t change, let alone do anything about. What a waste of time!
Yesterday is gone. Done. Kaput. By looking backwards, you and I will miss opportunities to love, become like and share Jesus today to our own detriment.
Stay focused on who’s ahead – Jesus (Phil. 3:13-14). Unwrap the package of the moment with Him. It will put an unbroken smile on both of your faces.

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