Get It All Out

“God never said that our journey would be easy, but He did say that our arrival would be worthwhile.” Max Lucado
Growing up I heard a commercial jingle, “Good to the last drop.” It was about a certain coffee brand where from the first sip to the last drop falling off the cup’s lip were just as tasty.
But you wouldn’t know it until you sucked out that last drop!
Each of us, the moment we come to faith in Jesus for salvation, has been given a “good work” to do.
That good work begins each day with the initial sip and ends with the last drop falling from the cup.
How many of us actually get the last drop of Spirit-given potential from the good work He has asked of us today?
Ask yourself, “Did I do just enough to get through today or did I listen to and follow Jesus; and then, through His power, do whatever He asked of me to the last drop?”
The Spirit states that in whatever we do, we are to do it in Jesus’ name. Doesn’t He deserve the last drop of our love and devotion?
Thanks to those who’s “good work” was to pray for me. Covid is behind me because of God’s grace and your prayers in Jesus’ name. Thanks for giving Jesus your all. I was just the recipient of your following Him.

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