Well Lit

“Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.” Helen Keller
The magi came to Jerusalem to ask where the Messiah or King of the Jews would be born. The Scriptures were searched to discover the city of Bethlehem (Micah 5:2).
This light of Scripture was both positive and negative. It was positive because it allowed the Magi to find and worship Jesus. It was negative because it allowed Herod to attempt to find and kill Jesus.
I find it very interesting that when Jesus calls His followers “the light of the world” He talks about a light not shining! He says that a city on a hill can’t be hidden. He also said everyday people turn on lights so others can see inside their house.
This talk about lights comes right after His talk about being blessed under persecution. Hmmm. He wanted us to understand that we are to let our lights shine so others can find and worship Jesus, which is super positive.
Yet, He also knew that it would bring persecution from those who want to snuff out our light, which is why we would try to hide our lights.
During World War II, the Japanese attacked at night during certain island battles. The defenders would be forced to fire their weapons where the brief flash of light from their weapons gave away their position!
A tiny match, when lit, shines super bright in a dark room. But it also exposes where it is.
We live in dark times, but isn’t that why the Light of the World came to the little town of Bethlehem to be birthed by Mary?
Love Jesus. Allow Him to change your life; and thus, become a huge light for others to find and worship Jesus.

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