The Human Touch

“Love one another as I have loved you – Jesus.”
It’s being called “touch deprivation.” The negative physical and emotion effects of not touching another human is coming to the forefront due to the social distancing caused by Covid19.
We need human connection. God put this in us. In fact, the Spirit gave Jesus followers over 33 one-another commands or acts of obedience to do together as believers.
This is the definition of church, plain and simple: a group of people walking toward and becoming like Jesus…together!
Yet, people are being trained to avoid each other, let alone smile at someone as they walk by them.
This cannot happen to Jesus followers while we say we are His church. Covid or no Covid, you can still touch other believers! Isolation or not, you can be church!
A friend picked up the phone to give me a word from the Lord…that I didn’t want, but needed to hear! A friend texted me just to see how I was doing. Other friends meet with me face to face across a table; while still another meets across the back-end of a truck.
Our faith in Jesus is not a solo act. Obeying the Spirit to be church is doable, no matter the circumstances!
As people are starving for human connection, allow the Spirit to use you to give it. A smile and a hello, a basic human touch, can go a long way!

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