Post-Truth Era

“I am the Truth, the Way and the Life.” – Jesus
Notice the photo, no, not the person or the sign, but the shadow. What’s missing? The sign! This photo has been altered. Either the sign was added to the photo or the sign’s shadow was edited out.
Either way, due to technology, can you trust what you see in photos or videos to be true? Can you even trust what you read?
We are entering what is being called the “Post-Truth Era.” As one author put it, “The nation remains sharply divided on precisely the question of what the facts are.”
Social media giants like Twitter and Facebook and companies like Apple and Amazon can ban worldviews that differ from theirs’ from using their platforms. As they own those businesses, they get to dictate their platform’s rules. This is still a free society.
There is something to think about, however. Aristotle stated that he was “worried that, in a democracy, a wealthy and talented demagogue could all too easily master the minds of the populace.”
When a precious few can control the levers of information, they can shape and at times control what is “truth” or “facts.” And, when non-truth wears away the rule of law, no one is safe from the few.
Scripture foretold this. The false Messiah will come from the West (aka, the old Roman Empire – Daniel 2,7,9). This person was given a title, “The man of lawlessness” (2 Thess. 2:3). This doesn’t mean anti-rule of law, but anti-God and anti-Scripture or what’s called the Judeo-Christian worldview as the basis for the rule of law.
The Scriptures – both sides of the book – claim to be the truth by which all of life should be filtered. Jesus summed it up best. He said that only He is the Truth that will set humanity truly free. Any non-truth only creates bondage of soul, spirit and body.
Do you know the truth – Jesus? You’re going to need to get better at listening to and following Him in order to recognize the non-truths in what you see and hear.
Can you arrive at the truth for yourself using the Scriptures? You’re going to need more, not less, time in them in order to know the truths that keep you free from the negative side effects of non-truth.
Are you actively shaping your decision making process using the truths you discovered in the Scripture? If not, non-truth sources will creep in.
I can show you how if you need help. It’s free and via the internet. Stay free and focused on Jesus and the tasks He has for you, my friends.

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