The Why of War

Becoming like Christ is not a one off event, but a daily battle

Israel was set free from slavery and brought home to the Promised Land where Joshua led them in battle to take out all the major players.

Afterward, each of the 12 tribes had mop up operations to handle on their own. It was a test. (Judges 3:4) Would they “obey the LORD’s commands” or follow the gods of the nations they were to defeat?

This was Israel’s why of war. Would they stay free by defeating their enemies through trusting in the LORD or would they compromise and return to slavery? The book of Judges reveals the cycles of victory and defeat.

It’s the same for the believer in Jesus. The moment we became born again, Jesus set us free from slavery and gave us all the tools for victory – His mind, His nature and His Spirit.

He did not, however, clean out the flesh or the old programming stored in our brains. Cleaning out this old thinking, which is at war with the Spirit, is our mop up operation (Gal. 5:16-18).

We are commanded to be transformed or become like Jesus through replacing the old ways of thinking, using the scriptural FREEdom process, with biblical truth thinking and choices to obey Jesus.

Jesus believers in the West must learn what our persecuted brothers and sisters already know. We are at war; and, it’s time to toughen up our faith and win the daily battles.

Will you stand firm in your freedom or go back to slavery (Gal. 5:1)?

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