I am who God is creating me to be. People’s approval is irrelevant.

Children need, no crave, their father’s approval. We want to know that we are okay.

Society is littered with people’s attempts to get this approval, even from fathers who are absent or are incapable of giving it because they never got it themselves.

This is not true of our Heavenly Father. While we were total screw-ups (“enemies”), let alone after coming to faith in Jesus (“reconciled”) our Father saw Jesus and smiled His approval toward us (Romans 5:10).

We already have God’s full acceptance/approval through what Jesus has already done, not what we do for Him. Therefore, why do we spend so much time and energy seeking something we already have?

Slow down. Smile. Jesus loves you. Bank on this truth as you seek to live for Him with each choice you make to love Him.

Be more concerned within carrying out your biblical convictions (what you say you believe) than craving the approval of others.

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